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Liveblogging reading Felix Guattari’s book LINES OF FLIGHT, translated by Andrew Goffey.

My approach in reading LINES OF FLIGHT is non-professional. It is that of a marginalised non-academic philosopher. This state of affairs constitutes my transferential relation to Guattari’s text.

I am not personally involved in the practicalities of analysis or of the institutional treatment of psychosis, but I think that Guattari’s concepts can be applied to my own situation and to that of many others. This is my transversal relation to the text.

We need some small degree of transference to get hooked onto by a text, and a great degree of transversality to apply it elsewhere than in its own territory.

Guattari’s contribution to Deleuze and Guattari’s collaborative philosophy has mostly been downplayed or ignored, not only by academics faithful to the institutional vision, but also by those who are critical of the academic approach: Badiou, Zizek, Laruelle…

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Dear anarchists and Deleuzians,

We are developing a book proposal for the Deleuze Connections series (, titled Deleuze and Anarchism. We feel that a book length collection focusing on the myriad intersections between Deleuze and Guattari’s political philosophy and anarchism is long overdue.

If you would like to propose a chapter, please send a short abstract of no more than 250 words, along with a 50-100 word biography, to with the subject line “Deleuze and Anarchism proposal”. The deadline for submissions is 1 February 2016 and you are welcome to email us in the interim with any questions you may have.

We invite submissions from as wide a range of voices as possible from within and beyond academia and encourage you to share this call widely. Additionally, we welcome suggestions for the republication of existing material that has not yet been made broadly available within the English-speaking Deleuze studies and anarchist communities.

Thank you for your interest,
Dr. Chantelle Gray van Heerden and Aragorn Eloff, editors


I spy with my little i, aye!

the birth of new brave world(s)

extraordinaire – 

the Fictions of Clifford Duffy


When                    w o r d s                            affect                          w o r l d s

every little thing


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Take many doses of da da da da Duffy

…  every day …. any way … he is the word doctor

extraordinaire ~

he was


!  Applause  !

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

O! psssst:

There is more …..

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out of th e blue Like . . . of the blu e . …. . . . of the blue . ….


reCall to poetry




I am not going to give away all the secrets, am I?




PRACTICE IS THE MEASURE: to understand the sociology of academia, do not pay much attention to declarations and (self-)publicity:  follow the books and translations, follow the conferences, the talks, the reviews (like in the crime series: follow the money trail). Look with your own eyes and see who is talking and who is being listened to, see how far the dialogue goes, who and what is being left out. Do not confuse declarations of intention and actual performance. A performance is not a free pass, but must be evaluated in all its aspects.

PAY UP AND SHUT UP: People are meant to buy the books, but not to talk back to the authors and their friends. The bulk of the readers are not peers but cattle. Human cattle are not supposed to give their opinion, but to pay up and shut up. They are treated to the theatrics…

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NO THANKS, Members of a Canadian indigenous tribe turned down $267,000 per person to allow a pipeline to be built through their land

The Lax Kw’alaams Band, a Canadian first nations people living in a remote part of British Columbia, turned down an offer amounting to $267,000 per person to allow a natural gas pipeline and processing facility to be built on their lands.

Malaysian energy giant Petronas and its partners had offered the 3,600-member band a total of $960 million to allow construction of its $30-billion-dollar Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal and Prince Rupert gas pipeline to proceed.

The band wasn’t interested.

“This is not a money issue: this is environmental and cultural,” the band said in a statement. Representatives of the band voted unanimously against the offer.


AfriKa speaks:

Badilisha Poetry X-Change is both an online audio archive and Pan-African poetry show delivered in radio format. Now the largest online collective of African poets on the planet, Badilisha has showcased and archived over 350 Pan-African poets from 24 different countries. It reflects the myriad of rhythms and rhymes, voices, perspectives and aspirations from all corners of the globe.