Object-Oriented Philosophy

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These are two separate conversations conducted by Daniel Fetzner in Cairo (me) and Daniel Fetzner & Martin Dornberg in Karlsruhe (Latour), on the subject of waste.

It was a fascinating experience for me because somehow, at the very end of my 16 years in Cairo, I had not yet visited the Muqattam Hills garbage city where all of Cairo’s rubbish is sorted and (in most cases) recycled. Fetzner wanted to interview me on video at one of the garbage-sorting facilities, and despite the overpowering heat of the day, it was well worth the trouble to see how efficient they are about cleaning and sorting everything.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that a video version of the conversation can be seen HERE.

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Like the relation between the wave and the ocean, the swimmer is a discrete entity only in the moment. The swimmer swims into the butter out of which the swimmer is made. The same is true for the players. They leap from and drink from the very same stuff that forms them. Made out of meat, human beings stand outside as if projected on a screen or on the wall of some cave; they mill around and look in with their cameras.


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