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Lefty academics and pundits are still talking as if the economy is going to get better instead of worse, they should be trying to figure out alternative economies for the ever increasing masses of those rendered useless (except perhaps as income sources for jailors/keepers) by the extraction industries that rule our days.
Alice Goffman, assistant professor of sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison; author, On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City
Followed by a conversation with:
– Jeff Smith, assistant professor of politics and advocacy, Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy, The New School
– Jamelle Bouie, politics, policy, and race reporter, Slate

Capitalist Disembodiment of Labor and Life: New Expropriations of Brains from Bodies
Richard Gilman-Opalsky (University of Illinois, Springfield)

“The New Realism: Seeking Alternatives to Postmodern Pessimism”
Todd Hoffman (Georgia Regents University)

Workers’ Inquiry, Class Composition, and Living Labor Today
Stevphen Shukaitis University of Essex / Autonomedia)

Constructed Situations
McKenzie Wark (The New School for Social Research)

Respondent: Doug Henwood