Deleuze and Anarchism and and and

Dear anarchists and Deleuzians,

We are developing a book proposal for the Deleuze Connections series (, titled Deleuze and Anarchism. We feel that a book length collection focusing on the myriad intersections between Deleuze and Guattari’s political philosophy and anarchism is long overdue.

If you would like to propose a chapter, please send a short abstract of no more than 250 words, along with a 50-100 word biography, to with the subject line “Deleuze and Anarchism proposal”. The deadline for submissions is 1 February 2016 and you are welcome to email us in the interim with any questions you may have.

We invite submissions from as wide a range of voices as possible from within and beyond academia and encourage you to share this call widely. Additionally, we welcome suggestions for the republication of existing material that has not yet been made broadly available within the English-speaking Deleuze studies and anarchist communities.

Thank you for your interest,
Dr. Chantelle Gray van Heerden and Aragorn Eloff, editors


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