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So the whole idea behind Three Pound Brain, way back when, was to open a waystation between ‘incompatible empires,’ to create a forum where ingroup complacencies are called out and challenged, where our native tendency to believe flattering bullshit can be called to account. To this end, I instigated two very different blog wars, one against an extreme ‘right’ figure in the fantasy community, Theodore Beale, another against an extreme ‘left’ figure, Benjanun Sriduangkaew. All along the idea was to expose these individuals, to show, at least for those who cared to follow, how humans were judging machines, prone to rationalize even the most preposterous and odious conceits. Humans are hardwired to run afoul pious delusion. The science is only becoming more definitive in this regard, I assure you. We are, each and every one of us, walking, talking, yardsticks. Unfortunately, we also have a tendency to affix…

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Working with a framework that incorporates mathematical analysis, social science, and observation of natural phenomena, the ‘Human And Nature Dynamical’ (HANDY) model projects “business as usual” could lead to the end of industrialized civilization. Accepted for publication in the Elsevier Journal of Ecological Economics, the study finds ample historical evidence that overpopulation, failing agriculture, limited access to water, energy consumption, and the unequal distribution of wealth could all combine to spell the end for society as we know it…

The researchers believe that humanity is on a collision course with disaster, and they outline two likely scenarios. In the first, everything will appear to be fine for a short period of time, but eventually a small number of Elites will begin to deplete everyone’s resources. Even under the most “conservative” consumption rates, the Elites will take too much and cause a famine amongst the Masses and later themselves. In this model, society is sabotaged by human rather than natural forces. In an alternate future, the faster consumption of resources wipes out the Masses in a short period while the Elites still survive, but soon after disappear. In both situations, the Masses get hit harder and faster while the upper echelons fail to adjust their behavior until it is too late.”


A slightly reworked version of my essay on late capitalism and the scientific image of man will appear in a forthcoming publication on augmented intelligence, edited by Matteo Pasquinelli for Meson Press. The volume will be available in May both as digital open access and in a printed format (there will be a Dutch translation as well). Here is a brief overview of the volume which also can be found at Matteo’s website:

An Open Access anthology edited by Matteo Pasquinelli forthcoming (2015) for Meson Press, Leuphana University Lüneburg. With texts by Adrian Lahoud, Jon Lindblom, Reza NegarestaniOrit Halpern, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Charles WolfeBen Woodard amongst others. Dutch edition forthcoming for Leesmagaziijn, Amsterdam.


It will not be arbitrary one day to reframe the thought of the 20th century as a quest around the definitions of error, abnormality, pathology, trauma and catastrophe always understood in both their…

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