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People Don’t Have Religion, Maurice Bloch

Nice to see someone try to attend to what people actually do or do not do in their daily lives as opposed to just speculating about such things in terms of abstract concepts, back to the rough-ground for all of us who actually want to make off the page changes in our situations! I do wish that he had stuck with a call to attend to the weird rather than talking in terms of transcendentals.

Emma Cocker with text by A. Adam, Monika Bakke, Kerstin Bartels, Marc Boeckler, P. Brandlmayr, Emma Cocker, Gerhard Dirmoser, B. F. Fisher, Nikolaus Gansterer, Hanneke Grootenboer, Karin Harrasser, Helmut Leder, Katja Mayer, Ralo Mayer, Felix de Mendelssohn, M. L. Nardo, Christian Reder, Philippe Rekacewicz, Moira Roth, Andreas Schinner, Ferdinand Schmatz, section.a, Walter Seidl, Christina Stadlbauer, Axel Stockburger, Jane Tormey.