“zero dissolves binaries, dis-associates, mutates existing structures, and generates the completely new…”
Amy Ireland
0Synthetic Zero is an experimental multimedia research and design space for exploring adaptive responses to the various crises and unequally distributed realities of contemporary life. 
We salvage, analyze, and disseminate a wide range of speculative and pragmatic resources gleaned from the media wilderness.


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  2. “The familiar classical conceptions of ‘subject,’ ‘object,’ ‘epistemology,’ and ‘ontology’ find no fully coherent mapping onto these recent advances in quantum physics, apart from their casual, practical application. In the same way that the causal and logical orders are treated as mutually implicative in these modern interpretations of quantum physics, so too are the pairings of ‘subject and object,’ ‘epistemology and ontology.’”Michael Epperson

  3. All hedged betting has been halted. We are too damned busy with flesh tactics to type electric words into fabricated scripts. Expect mostly strategic delirium and fragments from here on out.

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