Weaponized Nihil

Two invigorating quotes from the diagnostician of the dark circus S.C Hickman:

“[I]in our age of nihilism, there is the aesthetic as Nietzsche would advocate: the ability to stylize our cosmic uncertainties, to produce an overall pattern to our meaningless existence, to give it a shape that is neither the Good of the Plato, nor the Ethos of Koheleth, but rather the martialing of the power of our non-knowing lived experience and intellect; neither binding us to some eternal world of verities (Plato), or to some ancient tradition of received wisdom (Ethos), but rather in process of lived uncertainty that everything is revisable (Scientia) in a chaotic chaosmos.” [source]

and this:

“We seem like the ruination of those last men that Nietzsche once spoke of with such astute and prophetic understanding, the decadent tribe who at the end of things would even deny their own obsolescence. Apathy, indecisiveness, inaction… the passive betrayal of our own species. The decadence of blind luxuriance and immeasurable sinking’s into death’s last fold. Nihilism was nothing but this denial of the truth, this denial of reality. We’ve lived in our fictional worlds, created fantastic zones of oblivion to hide our unimaginations in. Like children in a garden we’ve scattered the seeds of the Tree of Life and chopped down its branches and dug up its roots, burned it on the pyre of ancient memories. Nothing remains. Not even the memories…” [source]

What is there left for us hominids to do in this ruinous age but cultivate the will and opportunity to hone our abilities and weaponize our desires and cosmic uncertainties in resistance to both the pull of extinction and the inhuman push of Capital. We are without essence; and we are not the eternal arbiter of the Real – we are simply the glitch staring directly into the abyss of possibility too afraid to explore. But if not us who? And if not now when?


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