Survival Economics & DIY Markets in post-crash Detroit.

Some rubber meeting road here.. H/T Dirkchops. I always appreciate dmf’s commitment to the practical/tactical. We should be looking harder and closer at Detroit as case study in post-crash scenarios and coping-approaches.


Deterritorial Investigations

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2 responses to “Survival Economics & DIY Markets in post-crash Detroit.

  1. thanks m, as much as i appreciate the aesthetic highs and lows of speculation i think we do well to check our flights of fancy against the day to day grind, i need a good dose of guattari cut into my my lines of deleuze if you will…

    • Stop talking dirty to me friend I’m still twitchy from my encounter with the U/ACC swarm.. 😉

      I welcome all such ‘case studies’ and grind dispatches on SZ, because I you are right about mixing the cocktail to get after prototypes.

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