4 responses to “having thus become a mindless tool

  1. Agree about stupidity as the glue in mass movements. Other than that, autonomy is an overrated anthropocentric fiction. Bonheoffer’s problem was that he thought everyone was stupid if they did not go along with his kumbaya singing and primacy of intra species oppression. In fact Bonhoeffer’s interlocutors are an EZ reading bunch of feel good neoliberals who evidently did not understand Spinoza and themselves depend upon a collective stupidity to mythologize someone whose political thought was annoying at best. Prefer Thomas Muntzer and his commie fear of God/ Fear of Man dichotomy reinterpreted for an ecosophical age as as fear of certainty or absolutes in the minds/programming of humans.

  2. We are getting close to Paul le Man territory here. How about a tropism oriented toward completeness by embracing dark materials and other entangled aspects of being in terms of reconciled prime numbers. “Being+”

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