Our senses are collecting at the primal edge.

“Policy updates, we call them. In effect I review the political and economic situation of the country in question. We have a complex grading system. Prison statistics weighed against the number of foreign workers. How many young males unemployed. Have the generals’ salaries been doubled recently. What happens to dissidents. This year’s cotton crop or winter wheat yield. Payments made to the clergy. We have people we call control points. The control is always a national of the country in question. Together we analyze the figures in the light of recent events. What seems likely? Collapse, overthrow, nationalization? Maybe a balance of payments problem, maybe bodies hurled into ditches. Whatever endangers an investment.””Then you pay.””It’s interesting because it involves people, waves of people, people running in the streets.”  the names -delillo

4 responses to “Our senses are collecting at the primal edge.

  1. Delillo in vogue now: adaptations prizes. His fiction is better than his PEN talks. Love him. I did not get as much from White Noise as others. Always thought Dom Delillo and Robert Caro should morph into one author and travel the hidden networks connecting modernism to else.

    The unforeseen toxic event is a small temporal hyperobject progenitor.

    • his last book was shite but if he is in vogue and not just suffering the kind of boomer nostalgia now being inflicted on Dylan one could do worse than the books he wrote in his prime/time.

  2. Nice juxtapose with the preceding link. Properties, features, movements, ratios are read off of the world as gradated affordances in an investment ecology.

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