THE LAST DAYS OF NEW PARIS: China Miéville’s Deleuzian Science Fiction Novella

reading this now and afraid that it strikes me as more in the way of being silly than  absurdist, China has been clear about his affection for genres and I think he is at his best when he sticks closer to them. a book more to my own taste is

Xeno Swarm

I have just finished reading THE LAST DAYS OF NEW PARIS by China Miéville and I am overawed by the explosion of imagery, of erudition, of poetry and wonder that the book contains. The novella embodies what it describes: the surrealist Resistance to the Nazi occupation of Paris has led to the creation of a surrealist bomb, whose explosion produces an “S-Blast” that has liberated a myriad of “manifestations”, impossible entities freed from surrealist painting and sculptures to wreak havoc on the Nazi occupying forces.
Two story threads are interwoven by means of alternating chapters. The events in 1941 leading to the fabrication and detonation of the S-bomb. The Nazi plot in 1950 to gain control over Paris by means of demonology and, possibly, the fabrication of a Nazified “manifestation” capable of taking on and defeating these creatures that do not obey the laws of phyics or biology. It is…

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4 responses to “THE LAST DAYS OF NEW PARIS: China Miéville’s Deleuzian Science Fiction Novella

  1. wouldn’t the nazis have been charmed by the possibility of an augmented reality reich where their wildest fantasies might come true as in a grimm fairtytale? i view the nazi thing as an attempt to seize control over techne by humans. Altering physics would certainly remove such pretense of agency

    • hard to guess what might have charmed various nazis, don’t see them as fundamentally different from other people who try and use tools to get what they want as in ya know all of us…

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