Tao of Pooh vs May 68′


“Douglas Lain, author and host of the podcast Diet Soap (and Pop the Left). Doug recently published a new book, Billy Moon, about the fictional meeting of Christopher Robin Milne and students in the Paris General Strike in 1968.
To refresh your memory, Christopher Robin was the child protagonist of the Winnie the Pooh books, who Doug explains later led a very interesting life trying to distinguish himself as an adult from the famous child he was always associated with. The book takes the grown up Christopher Milne, a veteran of World War 2, a father and a bookseller, and brings him into contact with a young student in France, Gerard, and the two of them explore the events of the strike, major characters and ideas, all while bringing in surreal and fantastical occurrences.
For the interview, we talked to Doug about what happens in the book, about some of the ideas and inspiration, and got him to read a very cool passage for our listeners. There’s some longer discussion about the Situationist International, about the relationship between art and politics, and talk about the famous posters from the ’68 Strike.”
an excerpt of the novel here, and a review of the book done over at the Marxist-Humanist Initiative see: http://blacksheeppodcast.org/2013/10/06/168/

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