Enter the Cybercattle -Urbanomics

“Robin Mackay, Director of Urbanomic
Jay Owens, researcher in social media at global strategic insight agency FACE
Benedict Singleton, design strategist
Adam Kleinman, writer and curator
Matthew Fuller, Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths University of London
What dislocations of the subject, what disruptions of the process of individuation are administered by a global system of ‘self-organization’ piloted from blank, inaccessible facilities such as the one modelled in John Gerrard’s work *Farm (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma) 2015*? What new species of virtual subject is being reared in massive data centres whose processes operate well below the threshold of human perception?
Setting out from Gilles Châtelet’s prescient dystopian tract *To Live and Think Like Pigs*, this discussion seeks to understand the relation between cognitive and spatial dislocation in the contemporary digital-cognitive control system,and the algorithmic channelling of desire that binds us to the invisible processing centres of a ‘future neurocracy’; and to ask, in the wake of ‘post-internet art’: What does the Internet look like?”

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