The Lure of Lunacy

brer noir brings to light the vital lure of what exceeds our grasps, see also:

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

Michael James on Synthetic Zero wrote a post Lunatic Philosophy? where he asks I wonder, though, in the kind of ecosystems we exist if we are all just lunatics put randomly in-charge of the asylum that is hyper-modern capitalism? And, in a comment to a query says: “Philosophy as “productive” experiments in lunacy for hallucinatory coping as a form of life? Tool for bridging, tool.. supplement.. like a pharmakon!”

Of course there are works that explicate this heritage of the pharmakon:Pharmakon: Plato, Drug Culture, and Identity in Ancient Athens, which examines the emerging concern for controlling states of psychological ecstasy in the history of western thought, focusing on ancient Greece (c. 750-146 BCE), particularly the Classical Period (c. 500-336 BCE) and especially the dialogues of the Athenian philosopher Plato (427-347 BCE). Employing a diverse array of materials ranging from literature, philosophy, medicine, botany, pharmacology, religion, magic, and law…

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