7 responses to “hard rains a gonna fall

    • it’s a nightmare was just hearing from a friend who lost a home in brush-fires in australia, fortunately they got some warning and weren’t harmed, i keep telling folks that the infrastructures that support governments/businesses/engineering/etc are not going to be in place much longer at least not in forms that we recognize and or can count on.

      • The disaster-preparedness activism org Zombie Squad started here, and my gf and I count a few friends among the founders. When we approached them about certain gov ideals being potentially generative of the kind of scenarios that they often speak about we were both banned from their forums, blacklisted to friends on Facebook, and this was followed by a statement in which they decreed any ZS member engaged in any form of protest or anti-gov action or event would be excommunicated due to their wish to not jeopardise the non-profit status. Since then the local group has devolved into an viciously libertarian all white male tactical training/gun club operating from a rural area, of little help to anyone, certainly not during a disaster.

        • bummer, my experience has been along similar lines in terms of end results (even when the people involved have been nicer), people aren’t really interested in trying to come to terms with what’s happening let alone with how we might try and adapt as best we can, so many fantasies of god-like powers to overcome obstacles and little to no reckoning with our alltoohuman limited resources/capacities and vulnerabilities, c’est la vie I suppose. Been trying to figure out how to live with these kinds of tragic limits, the related collapses, and stay humane…

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