Bogdanov and Socialist Ecologies

Deterritorial Investigations

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…in his book A Short Course of Economic Science, Bogdanov refers to a socialist society as being “based not on exchange but on natural self-sufficing economy” (Bogdanov 1919/1923).

This book was written from the perspective of Bogdanov’s new science of organisation, Tektology upon which Bogdanov had been working for 9 years when he published his Essays in Tektology (Bogdanov 1921/80). Here he described nature as “the first great organiser and man himself as only one of her products”. He further discusses how the science of his day was breaking down the distinction between organic and inorganic matter, leading to an integral monist understanding of the universe whereby all forms were interlaced, even if in mutual struggle, embroiled in a universal organisational process which encompassed a dialectical relationship whereby it was both “infinitely split in its parts, but continuous and unbroken in its whole” (ibid p. 6).

This provides us…

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