Deleuze “What is Grounding?”

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The New Centre for Research & Practice is very pleased to announce the the first book release by &&& Publishing.

What is Grounding? is Gilles Deleuze’s first seminar, and is distinguished in that, rather than “taking an author from behind and giving him a child that would be his offspring, yet monstrous”, the work focuses instead on the question of grounding, defined both as “the sufficient reason for concrete entities”, and “the point of departure for philosophy”, in translator Arjen Kleinherenbrink’s terms. Rather than foregrounding method, in which human subjective experience remains primary, here Deleuze affirms the centrality of system, of things and the relations between things.

“Nothing less than the ur-text for Deleuze’s pre-1970s philosophy, an original sketch of his main themes and problems, which are all present in intensely compacted form” – Christian Kerslake (Radical Philosophy)


Cover art: Robert Smithson, #7 Red Sandstone Mirror, 1971

Gilles Deleuze What is grounding?
Translation by: Arjen Kleinherenbrink
This translation is from transcripted notes taken by Pierre Lefebvre.
Copyright (1956-57): Emilie Deleuze and Julien.
&&& Series: Mémoires Involuntaire

Publication Date: 25 May, 2015
ISBN 978-0-692-45454-1
eBook, 185 pages.

“Nothing less than the ur-text for Deleuze’s pre-1970s philosophy, an original sketch of his main themes and problems, which are all present in intensely compacted form . . . What is Grounding? is the only one of Deleuze’s lecture courses to devote itself directly to fundamental
philosophical themes, rather than ventriloquising through the ideas of a philosopher of the canon . . . [and] concerns grounding, the great theme of modern philosophy: the starting point, the beginning. How does one begin in philosophy?”
– Christian Kerslake (Radical Philosophy)

This ebook is exclusively intended for Open Access online distribution. It is not to be sold or republished in any physical form.

7 responses to “Deleuze “What is Grounding?”

  1. And this book by Henry Somers-Hall from “Pirates and Revolutionaries” is a great tool to read “Difference and Repetition”:

    Henry Somers-Hall “Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition“, An Edinburgh Philosophical Guide, Edition: 1 [2013]

    As recommended by Terrence Blake on “Agent Swarm“.


    I do *think that reading or engaging with secondary material is a great tool but the “magic” is in reading Deleuze’s original text (even though it is translated in English and it demands slow and intensive reading).

    Terence Blake suggested that I start reading “Difference and Repetition” at chapter 3.

    *I am continually astonished how friends, scholars and readers of Deleuze (and Guattari) share their knowledge and understanding of Deleuze and Guattari’s work. For me, it expresses the overcoming of institutionalised forms of academic selfishness and jealousy which are triggered by academia as a **neo-liberal** institution that continually forces us to compete in terms of outputs.

    Reading this
    makes one smile 🙂
    and maybe
    all of us know why …

    “L’Anti-Oedipe was written by the two of us, and since each of us was several, we were already quite a crowd.”
    ~ Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari.

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