McLuhan and Phenomenology by Graham Harman

I could do without the metaphysical mumbojumbo in the 1st half but the ontic/anthropological issues of the affordances/resistances of “backgrounds” and the pragmatic emphasis on our manipulations(including but not limited to re-presentations) of our environs is vital to any workable mode of assembling resistance/re-organization.

2 responses to “McLuhan and Phenomenology by Graham Harman

    • ha, ya know more bees with honey than vinegar.
      On a more serious note I think that part of what gets lost in the pragmatist/instrumentalist reading of Heidegger by Bert Dreyfus &Co. is the background/asemblages/environs and the related gestalts switches of fore/back-grounding as we come to new aspect-dawnings, and I’m thankful for Graham’s raising the contrast effect of our grasping/media-ting aspects of things as opposed to his usual dead-end withdrawal method.

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