Pathways Through Chaos

In the video below Brian Holmes talks about the post-war culture of machine society, autopoiesis, Marx, globalization, art, geopolitics, cultural critique, cybernetics, activism. Here Holmes is attempting to build towards a theory of ‘pathways through chaos.’ This event took place in Toronto, Canada in 2010:

Brian Holmes is a cultural theorist, activist, and historian involved with a wide array of activist and art collectives in North America and Europe. Since his participation in the Carnival Against Capital in London in 1999, Holmes has participated in activism and artistic endeavors focused on a critique of contemporary global capitalism and is talks about the need to move from geopolitics to geopoetics in his art, criticism, and scholarship. He is the author of Hieroglyphs Of The Future (2003), and numerous articles in European publications, including the interdisciplinary French journal ‘Multitudes.’

His current work can be accessed at his blog, Continental Drift: The Other Side of Neoliberal Globalization.

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