New Vernaculars

“This new Essex vernacular is not only drought-ready, it’s also post-industrial, and it’s built of novel ecologies. The Anthropocene, the hot planet, the SalvagePatch, will require new forms of relationship between us and the rest of the more-than-human world – it will look different in different places, different bioregions – perhaps this is what it will look like here.”

* Bill Mollison wrote: ‘It is not the purpose of people on Earth to reduce all soils to perfectly balanced, well-drained, irrigated, and mulched market gardens, although this is achievable and necessary on the 4% of the earth we need for our food production. Thus, what I have to say of soils refers to that 4%, with wider implications only for those soils (60% of all agricultural soils) that we have ruined by the plough or polluted by emissions from cars, sprays, radioactives and industry. – Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, (1988), p.183

Dengie Bioregion

There was a heat dome over the north. It was in the news about the USA and Canada, but it’s also been in the Russian Arctic, Scandinavia, in the febrile crescent above the Arabian Sea arcing from Oman to Pakistan. A couple of weeks ago, during a Zoom call with a colleague in Milan she mentioned it had been 41°C there in the previous week. Temperature records have been broken in British Columbia, Washington, Portland, Moscow, Lappland, Helsinki, Northern Ireland. All this in a ‘cool’ La Niña year.

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