Complicity at the Edge of Extinction

Pollution Diaries

From Veronika Resslová:

The fix-it people however constitute a big problem – these are the people who say that they have a plan. These people are truly failing and we must face up to their destructive decisions every day. For they believe their own divinely secular story about technological fixes, meaning they believe in (technological) perfection which is yet to come. These people have brought about many scandals and are the most dangerous of all the forces of extinction.

[Techno-optimism is much worse than techno-pessimism]

We should not relinquish our problems, neither during our epoch, nor at any other time. We should not block problems in the hope for a safer, more organized world. Our task is rather to stir up trouble. To evoke strong reactions to any destructive events. Only this can extend the time allotted to us. Only this will allow us to become truly present. We don’t need anything which might help us forget. Our ethical imperative should be to give inhuman life the space to compose without humanity, while humanity travels to worlds other than Earth. It might come to pass that something which we may have considered to be life will return to the surface of the Earth without us necessarily bearing witness to it. Monsters in the best sense of the word.

Read the full text: HERE

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