A field guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction

The climate crisis is the defining challenge of our lifetimes. Its scale defies comprehension, and conceals its true nature – not as one gigantic issue, but as many. In order to address them, we must first overcome the Dragons of Climate Inaction: creatures, lurking in our minds, shaping all of our decisions.

In each chapter of this 7-part series, we’ll uncover a different genus of dragons. Along the way, we’ll explore the art of turning carbon into rock, face mortality in the heart of the Amazon, and rekindle our connection with the Earth. With the help of each of our guests, we’ll challenge the different types of climate inaction, and discuss how we can scale up to meet this moment, together.

Scales of Change: A field guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction is a new podcast miniseries exploring the questions of climate inaction, produced by Future Ecologies with support from the University of Victoria. The eight-part weekly series launches May 13, 2020.

The foundation of the series is The Dragons of Inaction, the magnum opus of UVic environmental psychologist Robert Gifford. With the help of Gifford himself, co-hosts Adam Huggins (UVic environmental studies alumnus) and Mendel Skulski take a deep dive into the psychological barriers (the “dragons) that prevent us from addressing the urgency of the climate crisis. Organized like a taxonomy of mythical beasts, the dragons provide insight into what happens when our best intentions bump up against our fears, biases and rationalizations.

Skulski and Huggins talk with guests including filmmakers, activists, scientists, Indigenous land defenders, journalists, scholars and artists to deepen the conversation around making meaningful change—all woven together by a powerful immersive soundscape.

Listen online or subscribe to Scales of Change on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts on your favourite podcast app.


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