Abdou Maliq Simone on Feral Urbanism

“The feral city is a city given over to the instigation of incomputable eventualities, even as regimes of calculation have taken over the production of urban space.” — Abdou Maliq Simone

“The choreography of commonality is a matter of modulating all different kinds of contact among residents, shaping multiple ways in which residents witnessed and engaged each other. The key challenge was always how can people and their actions appear in ways that enable them to be relatable, but at the same time where the differences brought into the relationship do not necessarily implicate the bearers of those differences as either culpable for, or dependent upon, the differences of others. Your difference from my difference…I’m not responsible for it, you’re not respon— Your difference doesn’t have severe implication for my ability to live the way in which I do. Instead we see each other’s differences as potential resources for each other, so that when my way of doing things doesn’t work, who do I turn to? Who can I learn from?”

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