Abdou Maliq Simone on Feral Urbanism

“The feral city is a city given over to the instigation of incomputable eventualities, even as regimes of calculation have taken over the production of urban space.” — Abdou Maliq Simone

“The choreography of commonality is a matter of modulating all different kinds of contact among residents, shaping multiple ways in which residents witnessed and engaged each other. The key challenge was always how can people and their actions appear in ways that enable them to be relatable, but at the same time where the differences brought into the relationship do not necessarily implicate the bearers of those differences as either culpable for, or dependent upon, the differences of others. Your difference from my difference…I’m not responsible for it, you’re not respon— Your difference doesn’t have severe implication for my ability to live the way in which I do. Instead we see each other’s differences as potential resources for each other, so that when my way of doing things doesn’t work, who do I turn to? Who can I learn from?”

6 responses to “Abdou Maliq Simone on Feral Urbanism

      • been quite a clusterfuck of a year and seems to be getting worse, hope things are better up north, I like Rupert’s work on Wittgenstein and social sciences but his analysis of the unfolding nightmares seems oddly devoid of the escalating violences all around us, I get that he and others live in pretty rarified parts of the world but the daily news is replete with examples of how quickly social niceties slip away under duress and the predators step into the gaps.

        • Sorry to hear you are having a rough go of it, D. 2020 is a fuckery of a year for so many.

          I think there are far too many people who don’t really understand just how violent its gonna get as we move deeper into these collapses. Maybe that will be part of the general selection process…?

          Do you have any good resources re: collapse management and violence?

          • thanks too much suffering all around, I don’t think there is much to say in general about these matters (not in any way that could be usefully predictive for actions in/as we live) beyond the observations that when the environment wrecking brutalities of relatively civil society get replaced by the more widespread tyranny of the most successfully violent over the rest it’s brutal and tragically in keeping with the rest of history, warlords then and now seems to be how these matters go.
            years worth of examples here on syn-0 from news and heuristic prototyping/renderings by folks like Saskia Sassen, just look for the guys with guns and the people dying they are everywhere in the news today, maybe you can get thru to folks in ways i obviously couldn’t with my approach here.
            hell still people chirping about how the response to covid worldwide shows promise for fixing climate change! could there be a more disastrous and mounting clusterfuck than the covid responses? and this is a relatively mild shock to our systems, much worse are brewing all around…

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