The Delusion of Technological Transcendence

Confronting rather than ignoring a good argument is not only a more honest approach but can also be quite rewarding.
This interview with Prof. Richard Jones is full of good arguments, and covers his general work in nanotechnology and his book and blog on the topic; technological progress and whether it is accelerating or not; Ray Kurzweil and technological determinism; the strange ideological routes of transhumanism; Eric Drexler’s vision of nanotechnology as reducing the material world to software; the AI debate; mind uploading; the quest for indefinite life extension and the importance of politics and ethics in technology…


7 responses to “The Delusion of Technological Transcendence

  1. I think its funny how with all these labels, no one teally knows wtf they are talking about. Sure; these guys are talking about something, and make a certain sense, but to apply ‘transhuman’ is a category they have arbitrarily applied to thier topic because they think they are addressing a definite category. But in fact they are making a statement upon anargument that isnot resolved. So they end up trying to make a point that assumes a dispute about a topic that is unsure as to its meaning. Fkg stupid and aimless its seems to me. Its talking and creating clausal formations for the mere activity of doing so. Sign of our times i guess: stunted intellect using elaborate clausal structures with no idea of what they really mean. Lol.

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