Under the Sign of Erasure

This is a definitive statement of postnihilist determination from S.C Hickman. At this crucial juncture in the evolution of life and intelligence, we cannot rely on hope; what we need now courage. Courage to become otherwise.

The Dark Fantastic: Literature, Philosophy, and Digital Arts

Capitalist realism is about a corrosion of social imagination, and in some ways, that remains the problem: after thirty years of neoliberal domination, we are only just beginning to be able to imagine alternatives to capitalism.

—Mark Fisher, K-Punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher

How to think under the sign of erasure; that is, under the regime of absolute extinction and annihilation?  Is it even possible? Possible to resist that which is already accelerating us into oblivion without reprieve? Cassandras everywhere sing out of despair at our human folly, at the impending barrier beyond which we are not allowed a return, beyond which the very thought of return becomes not a vicious circle but rather a spiraling dance of decay and absolute entropy.

As Avi Loeb of Harvard surmises humans may be following the path of previous alien civilizations in our galaxy, due to Fermi’s Paradox

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