EU Commission – Warning From Scientists

This presentation was delivered to the ‘Foresight Group’ of the EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium on November 5, 2018. The assessment of our global prospects is extremely severe. The conclusions may be upsetting and perhaps life-changing for many. But the conclusions should not be taken in lightly.
In all earnestness, emotional support needed might be necessary as this information continues to be assimilated.


5 responses to “EU Commission – Warning From Scientists

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  2. A “like” is not appropriate here. Too frivolous and not powerful enough to cover the gratitude I feel for having this presentation put in front of me.

    I’ve recently asked myself, “What would I say if I thought anyone would listen?” Well, Here is an answer.

    • I’m glad it has significance for you, Antonio. SZ is evolving into a place where contemplation, science and life praxis can interweave into something useful, or at least stimulating enough to talk through.

      I would invite you to submit an original guest post mixing the themes we present here, or even just ‘adaptation to climate collapse’, and your own work and thought. I think our audience would appreciate your artistic touch.

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