The folks at Diffractions Collective in Prague, in collaboration with a few other groups, are hosting a second Wyrd/Patchworkshop on October 26, 2018, at 5:30pm in the U.K (9:30am Mountain Time). Check out their webpage for the event here.
The topic again is ‘patchwork’ – as intellectual and sociotechnic platform for seeking alternative modes of living and designing. The Diffractions group are interested in examining the role of technologies that afford the opportunity for decentralized networks to emerge, and how those networks can be realized or manifested in physical space.
Among several interesting presentations, including a much anticipated commentary by Amy Ireland, I looking forward to presenting some of my own research on the connections between climate breakdown, deep adaptation, and patchwork as anticipatory discourse/model of social assemblages to come. The presentation is tentatively titled, “Global Wyrding and Deeply Adaptive Patchwork”. Should be fun.
The first workshop was a fascinating look into where people are beginning to explore, and it featured stimulating presentations by Justin Murphy and Xenogothic – both of whom continue to do work of this topic that raises some important questions for my own research.



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