Zack Walsh on Contemplative Praxis

I’m a big fan of The Imperfect Buddha podcast and this particular conversation hits all the right notes for me. In the course of their entirely engaging conversation – taking in cross overs between Whitehead, Deleuze and Buddhist practice, the commons, and radical municipalism – Zach Walsh unpacks his current project to develop a Mindset for the Anthropocene and the contemplative commons. This is precisely the direction and territory I want to move towards on this blog in exploring and thinking about the necessity for a deeply adaptive anthropotechnics. In an article in Arrow Walsh will outline the possibility of a ‘contemplative praxis for social-ecological transformation’. From the conversation in this podcast, hosted by Matthew O’Connell, I’d say that Zack Walsh is doing vital work.
This is exactly what we need, and precisely what I want to spend the next few years exploring (whenever my MA studies allow).
Zack Walsh is co-author of Co-Designing Economies in Trasition: Radical Approaches in Dialogue with Contemplative Sciences. At around £100 its a little pricey for me right now, but I’ll definitely be watching his work closely.

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