Catastrophe, Collapse, Apology: words missing from the IPCC report

“Over past decades those who think things are worse than what the IPCC were saying have been proved right. If that holds true now, then its time more of us started thinking, feeling and discussing our way through the idea of a near term social collapse due to climate change.
In complex systems people’s choice of time horizons for future events is as much a reflection of how they want to feel and how they want to communicate as it is an actual forecast. Especially so when combining so many different models on so many different ecosystem impacts and feedbacks. The 2040 date feels a bit futuristic, doesn’t it? The choice of a year with a zero in the end suggests its not an actual forecast, but reflects how people feel comfortable talking about this topic in public and to policy makers.” ~Jem Bendell
Caastrophe – Collapse – Apology – Words missing from the IPCC report
The following suggestion for immediate action by Dr. Bendell comes after the latest and most sobering report from The International Panel on Climate Change , and is progressively becoming the main thrust of this website:
“Explore how to prepare for collapse locally and globally within a Deep Adaptation framing, which doesn’t assume or try to preserve our current ideas of development and progress. This is in itself a huge agenda, involving everyone, and seriously under-discussed because it has hitherto been taboo.”
How to facilitate radical and unprecedented responses to global warming in THE ONLY political issue worth talking about anymore. Everything else is just window dressing for ecological apocalypse.

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