The Dis/Appeared | Ian Allen Paul

“The Dis/Appeared” (2018) is an experimental video essay that examines the totalizing imposition of colonial perception in contemporary Palestine. The project theorizes the Israeli state’s establishment of perceptual regimes that confine the colonized to the liminal thresholds of view, never allowing Palestinians to entirely appear or disappear but instead perpetually rendering them dis/appeared.
Through narration and a montage of images that are at once ordinary and unsettling, the video essay gives an account of settler-colonial instantiations of power while also proposing a tactical repertoire to be taken up against colonial rule. The project was produced over the course of 2017 while the artist was living and teaching in the West Bank of Palestine, and is the first part of a series of films, installations, and texts that examine the conjuncture of coloniality, governmentality, and memory in global contexts.


The script of the film can be read and downloaded as a pdf here, and if you are interested in arranging a screening or exhibition of this work please contact the artist here.

3 responses to “The Dis/Appeared | Ian Allen Paul

  1. And yet here we stand on terrestrial layers and as ancient flows, woven into a fabric that sustains us… Are we ever really refugees, to the Earth? The bridge is all there is. From quark to marrow, from hammer to Hamas, we ‘swim’ in the very stuff denied by the exhausted: possibility.

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