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Félix Guattari; SOFT SUBVERSIONS / TEXTS AND INTERVIEWS 1977-1985 (Full book)

9781584350736This new edition of Soft Subversions — the first edition was published in 1996 — offers a significantly expanded and reorganised collection of texts and interviews by psychoanalyst and philosopher Felix Guattari covering the period from 1977-1985. The book constitutes a companion to Chaosophy, which similarly gathers texts and interviews from Guattari’s work in the period 1972-1977. However, Soft Subversions might well lay claim to being an introduction to Guattari’s work as a whole. As Charles J. Stivale indicates, in his valuable introduction, Guattari in this period faced what he termed “winter years”, when the dynamisms toward change, generated by the revolutionary events of May 1968, appeared to be increasingly suppressed or co-opted. This led him across several of these texts to retrace the trajectory of his thought, clarifying its commitments and stakes, and probing its future…

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