Tokyo Décoratif by Nagae Yūki

Gamma, zeta, delta:
Deformed in their logos and logic
Caramelized amber prisms
Illuminating in slash spectrum:
Postmodern concrete
Stainless steel platforms
PEOPLE sporting prêt-à-porter
Break not with metronome rhythms
For system modules,
On asphalt
A line drawn According to the algorithm
Though, thinking I smelled
The trace of
Melancholia like a kiseru pipe,
I peered beyond the steel panel,
On the monitor:
Sharp geometric form
Of a building of tochkas piled high
Illuminated by the electroluminescence
Of constantly lit lithium
I can see nothing but the frame of technology
As replicated
On sonic schedule,
Along the alpha, beta, iota rails
Toward becoming database settings
Modules of Prada, Cavalli, Sander,
Above the loop of these people
A filtered melancholia
Becomes caramelized amber prism
Illuminated in slash spectrum

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