Going Outside with Alphonso Lingis

“To go to nature is to leave sedentary and stabilized existence and
enter into movement. Nature is revealed to us through movement into it
and movement with it. Moving with the falling leaves in the fall winds
in the mountains under the drifting or gathering clouds. Moving through
the savannah and the forest with the winds, ascending the mountains with
the mists, drifting down the rivers. Moving with the herds of wildebeests,
zebras, and impalas in the Serengeti. Soaring on a paraglider in the thermals
with the vultures. Swung by the surge in the ocean with the coral
fish. To go to nature is to greet all the oryx and squirrels and hummingbirds
and moths with passionate kisses of parting. It is to build nothing,
to manipulate nothing, to collect nothing”
rest @ http://planetarities.web.unc.edu/files/2015/01/lingis-outside.pdf

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