3 responses to “Synthetic Fabrication @EBBerger on Mysticism & Mechanization

  1. It’s such a liberal Christian Ideal though…

    I think this is where my two routes come from because say for example the link that (I think you) sent me about technology and poverty and such. It would seem to have to link up with this post hear about these creators of the future. In my mind it sounds very much like Plato‘s philosopher kings, I’ll be at under different terms. I’m not sure that there has to be a necessary link between what I perceive as an evil of technology and that that perception somehow gathering itself into a group of “future creative” individuals.

    It seems like that should be a necessary type of extension. And I suppose that this kind of automatic linkage of ethics and conception is necessary.

  2. … because it wouldn’t be too difficult to argue that revolutionary. China in the red guard and such like that where these “creative individuals“. In a certain light.

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