Spaces of Otherwise



Dear neighbor in Catalonia:
“throw roses into the abyss and say:
‘here is my thanks to the monster
who didn’t succeed in swallowing me alive.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

We’re just ending an intense week of public demonstrations around the claim for independence in Catalonia. These are days in which all the comfortable assumptions of democracy have been challenged, and the abuse of power and coward manipulation of legality were unmasked. It has also been an opportunity to see the irresponsible claims from politicians pushing to embrace constructed positions and narratives. However, we have also witnessed a demonstration of mature citizenship in every corner, street, school, and squares of Catalan towns and cities.

Citizens have demonstrated an advanced capacity of organization and inventiveness to face provocation and oppose to violence disguised as the defense of legality. At some moment it would appear that we’re entering the time to put to practice alternative forms of…

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