Blade Runner is 2017?

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‘Blade Runner’s’ chillingly prescient vision of the future” offers a (brief) review of the 1982 Ridley Scott film and how much 2017 appears to reflect Scott’s portrayal of the human-machine interface. With ‘Blade Runner 2049‘ coming out soon (today, I think), the short piece is a nice opportunity to return to the 1982 now-classic film.

As a sidebar: In terms of visions of the future, it is always interesting to me that “vision of the future” is characterized here as “look, Scott got it more right than he might have known;” however, his view of the future, a strict prognostication or even foresight, is not really consistent with the academic study of the future (not that the author of this piece should be held to that standard). On balance, there are “ethnographers of the future” looking into science fiction too, but there is also a…

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3 responses to “Blade Runner is 2017?

    • It was fantastic. I liked it more than the original. More character development, better visuals, and massive potential for world-building. Hipster critics are missing out on what was actually accomplished with this movie. Where else can we get massive budget films with this much intelligence and philosophical depth? I welcome any instance of Hollywood throwing resources at sci-fi movies with that much nerve.

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