Foucault and Marx: on Subjectification & Exhaustion

“In Capital, Marx proposed that “some crippling of body and mind is inseparable even from the division of labor in society as a whole. However, since manufacture carries this social separation of branches of labor much further, and also, by its peculiar division, attacks the individual at the very roots of his life, it is the first system to provide the materials and the impetus for industrial pathology” (Penguin ed., 484). Franco “Bifo” Berardi spends significant time talking about the mental health problems generated by cognitive capital. Here we can simply return to exhaustion: as recent work documents, we know that sleep deprivation is potentially a cause of any number of physical ailments, from Alzheimer’s disease to various forms of cancer. But what do we call those who insist on getting a healthy amount of sleep each day? Lazy.”
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