the narrowing spectrum of control @kirstyallison

Deterritorial Investigations

“As I have my battery pack and computer taken from me by Turkish Airlines with no prior warning, I leave, going back online only when I land back on British soil. Back on Signal. Back to fake news and fake smiles. Although I have taken steps for my own voice to be heard against our monitored state in the UK, in these behaviour-based capital-index times, ie. post anything with a critical face, at risk to your power to eat; I know my voice lives in the peripheries, and will never rise beyond the state of consciousness encouraged by May’s noxious People vs Profit state. I remain a slave. Or I become homeless and join the increasing 60% of the world living in poverty. This is globalisation. It’s us versus them. Us who pay the taxes for this system of humiliation, where VAT is an excuse for megacorps to avoid registering…

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