Posthumanism for the Wounded, the Unknowing & the Dependent

Abstract: ‘We don’t live in a post-facts world, nor should we want to. Human beings need to be recognised, in their states of precarity and oppression, as being human before we lose our humanity. But there’s also nothing so neat as truth, nor direct perception of the world “as it is.” Transhuman technologies are primed to challenge the very idea of authentic human experience and we’ve probably been posthuman all along, entangled with our tools and devices and riven by innumerable external forces. For the most part, when addressing the news, we should silence our philosophising and focus on what’s really happening to real people right now. But, on a longer timescale, what might a politically-useful posthumanism look like? What kind of questions might it ask? And what kind of ideas might we rally around?’

One response to “Posthumanism for the Wounded, the Unknowing & the Dependent

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