Black Sun: The singularity at the heart of the Anthropocene

An incredible piece for ponderance by David R Cole

Institute for Interdisciplinary Research into the Anthropocene


This paper focuses on dark-theory, and explains the Anthropocene through such dark theory. It addresses a major problematic for contemporary theory; i.e., it is not dark enough. In terms of the current environmental, social and cultural situation, we are faced with a singularity, which is here termed as being at the heart of the Anthropocene; not as a metaphor, but as a dark, refracted image of what the human drives have produced, are producing, and will continue to produce in the future: the black sun. This image is in contrast to the cyberpunk notion of a technological A.I. singularity becoming intelligent and taking over from the human race at some point in the future. The naming of the singularity at the heart of the Anthropocene as the ultimate, dark expression of the human drives, works in conjunction with the action of the surrounding black hole, and as…

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10 responses to “Black Sun: The singularity at the heart of the Anthropocene

  1. so many folks still haunted by their imago-dei, amazing how the species is so incapable of letting the many be many…

      • well I’m looking at it now, I think you’ve had this problem before, no? google Bernd Herzogenrath Inhuman rhythm

        • hey m, the universe aside I don’t think there is a singularity at the heart of anything, but that aside I guess it depends on what affordances such a conceptual-persona/figure-of-speech might provide, can you make something useful out of it?
          In general I’m with the D&G of “geography wrests history from the cult of necessity in order to stress the irreducibility of contingency. It wrests it from the cult of origins in order to affirm the power of a“milieu” and against the D&G who find evidence of The War Machine everywhere.

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  3. D, I agree re: singularity. The future remains open in certain ways with no singular supermassive attracting force. Too much in the mix – but there are multiple systems of assemblages that offer attractors and tendencies that need to be reckoned with in very practical terms.

    It will be ecology that wrests humanity from idealism and cults of various orders to affirm the power of the milieu.

    With this essay its just more diagramming and poetics to get some cognitive grasp on the affective, conceptual and material dimensions of the anthropocene problematic.We still need some common language to grasp some of these issues and communicate about them. Without that we can’t get to the building of projects..

    • yes good on the many/complexity, I fail (literally, could well be a shortcoming on my part) to see how the essay helps us to grasp anything actual but would welcome some projects that you see in it, godz know we need them, as for
      “It will be ecology that wrests humanity from idealism and cults of various orders to affirm the power of the milieu”
      I just think that this sort of (fill in the) ____ event will finally be the waking shock that finally brings people around sort of logic/scenario goes against everything we know from science/history/etc, unless we somehow get literally re-engineered (and short of some microtech cyberbiologicalchemical terrorism sweeping the planet that ain’t gonna happen tho I’m enjoying reading about it in Naam’s CRUX) we will keep on keepin on as a species tearing down the biosphere body by body, so for those of us on the mutant fringe who can’t help but see/feel the daily blows what are we to do in our impotence and suffering?
      I gave up on my ____ is burning series here but in addition to greenland now up in flames, looks like things are pretty grim up yer way hope folks are getting some aid & refuge:

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