Anne Dufourmantelle | On Risking Life

Anne Dufourmantelle was a French philosopher and psychoanalyst whose work focused on risk taking. Anne believed risk was essential to meaningful human life and argued that ​​”absolute security – like ‘zero risk’ – is a fantasy”.
Tragically, Anne died on July 21, 2017 at Pampelonne beach in Ramatuelle near the city of Saint-Tropez, while trying to rescue two children caught in the Mediterranean when the water became dangerously turbulent. The children were rescued by lifeguards and survived, but Dufourmantelle could not be resuscitated.
We offer this video as a celebration of her many contributions.


3 responses to “Anne Dufourmantelle | On Risking Life

  1. Timely EGS talk. One may not help but recall the (opposite) story of the Cynic who was walking through a swamp with several of his students. The Cynic became mired in quicksand and his students attempted a rescue, He urged them not to because, well, he taught Cynicism. For me Dufourmantelle was more in the vein of Phillipa Foot urging us all to risk everything for each other. She will be missed but her active engagement with the world shall live.

  2. Anne was a great speaker, and thinker! Her passing is such bad news for the global philosophical community.

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