The Magical Universe: Gilbert Simondon and Technicity

Hickman with another brilliant set of codes to disrupt the current matrix:
“This distancing of world, subject, and object would form the basis of our current secular culture and civilization which has displaced the magical unity that once existed in the primitive worldview. The rupture of the figure/ground of the magical universe gave rise to the separation of technics, technology, and the human. Providing the technical object and objectivity and distance as a figure (form) detached from the ground or original unity. In this sense technics and technical objects became autonomous entities in their own right divorced from the original figure/ground of the Real. Our long anxiety and relation with technics and technology is the outcome of this rupture. Our sense of the autonomy of technics and technology has led to many of our current fears and terrors of future AI and Robotics – the so called Superintelligence explosion or Singularity.”

The old idea that man invented tools is … a misleading half-truth; it would be more accurate to say that tools invented man. —Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future Long ago in that pre-history of the hominid ancestral narrative an ape picked up a pointed stick realizing for the first time it might help […]

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