Active Annihilation and the Suicidal Civilization

“Nihilism is the first step in an active annihilation not of reality, but of the human illusions of reality; and of humanity itself as a primal illusion, one that must be rendered null and void.” (Hickman)

…suicide is the decisive political act of our times. ― Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Precarious Rhapsody It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late. ― Emile Cioran, The Trouble with being Born Base materialism begins in the tomb, a world of death that presents itself as life. This is neither […]

via The Suicidal Civilization: Technopessimism and the Coming Collapse — Techno Occulture

One response to “Active Annihilation and the Suicidal Civilization

  1. Suicide is a decisively political act. It wins prizes. There is the everyday mundane example that Bifo consistently overlooks. I get it all the time, at least once a day. “If you don’t help me I’m going to throw myself in the [name of river].” The river is very close to my place of work. It has been known to happen that a body is fished out- alive and well because we have raised the alert- and it is the one who made the promise. You know what? You are now a high priority. Suicide gets shit done.

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