S.C Hickman on Neohuman transition

So this hypercapitalist era or technics and technology in creating a Global Technocommercium is reformatting the very prospects of what it means to be human ridding it of the waste of cultures, purifying its body and minds of the past, and shaping it into a neohuman future that is having dire repercussions on those who are unable or unwilling to accelerate the process. It is process without a plan or planner, an immanent and intelligent staging of an almost genetic reprogramming of the human genonme into something other that is leaving casualties in its wake. To resist it is to fall away into abject horror or suicide, to accept it is to enter into an inhuman temporality of accelerating forces that our minds and psyches are having trouble keeping pace. Where the future leads us in anyone’s guess, and some even surmise that Time itself is the greatest puzzle and mystery of this whole process. That our temporal destination is a resurgence of the past in the future, and the future in the past; and that we are entering neither past, nor future but an Absolute Time without precedent.

via The Neohuman Transition: Forgetting, Erasing, Becoming New — southern nights

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