Deleuze and Guattari: New Earth, New People

Deterritorial Investigations


Deleuze and Guattari not only describe refrains a small rhythms that one carries within themselves while moving through chaos – they littered their joint works with small refrains that return again and again, also bundled up with certain key concepts and acting as points of reference for particular thinkers and artists. One such refrain the intertwined notions of the “new earth”/”cosmic earth” and “new people”/”people to come”. I have not seen much commentary on these elements in their thought, despite the overt political nature of their rendering. In-depth probing of Deleuze and Guattari’s works by accelerationists have by and large passed them by , which is truly remarkable as these sets of concepts are linked directly to the question of accelerationism (as it was initially formulated in Anti-Oedipus) by way the relationship between each and the forces of absolute deterritorialization.

What follows are all the references to the new…

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