2 responses to “Continuing the Beginning: Lessons from France’s Nuit Debout

  1. Ah if only we were all still at a Uni and might form an ontological cuddle puddle. Love the electroclash score. My problem with Nuit Debourd is that the protesters who are hacking the material symbols of pre-linguistic oppression so familiar in their quotidian existence — here ATMs — probably return to ATMs of mechanismes de finance to pay for dinner. Better to physically grab a banker on lunch hour and explain how the structures of oppression are just that and why it must all reform in a non hierarchical construct. Can anarchy — not participatory democracy — be reformed as a central credit union?

    • heh talk to bankers, what are ya smoking out there?
      riot porns just an outlet as is raging against the machine, at best one can just slow things down a bit by monkey-wrenching the gears. There are no big fixes in the works so might as well find a release or two to keep from melting down.

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