envenoment, not enlightenment (We are not safe)

“Pinthw is a multi-media philosophy project that takes many forms. In May 2016, we traveled to Lamma Island in the South China Sea and recorded our philosophical dialogue over 4 nights while walking in darkness. We create an Eve-fiction, a philo-fiction of the garden, and take up an ancestor politics as we vindicate our ancestors, the ancient women philosophers. On the island, the old sewer system trap frogs, making the island sound like it is possessed by demon cows underneath the ground. There is a place called Cave Kamikaze, where the Japanese kamikaze speedboat pilots hid their boats while they waited for ships in order to zoom out into the ocean to blow themselves up, to stop ships from entering the harbor. And on the island, there are three kinds of venomous snakes, including a very deadly mamba. We are thinking about these snakes as we walk, and these sounds and the island darkness, as we speak with voices of the dead philosophers. We think of envenoment, not enlightenment. We are not safe. ” @bognaMK & @EvieYv Yvette Granata & Bogna Konior

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