Looking Forwards, Looking Backwards: Anarchism After Trump

Deterritorial Investigations


Us left anarchists have fucked some things up – but we’ve also been granted an opportunity to critically reflect on some of those failures.

As all aware, Donald Trump is now the president-elect, following a long (and ultimately absurdist) campaign built on a foundation of rekindled nationalism. This nationalism, in turn, has been expressed in two primary ways. The first of these has been an ethnic nativism, entailing the stirring-up of racist sentiment, the empowering of white supremacist groups, and calls for a hardline stance on immigration – legal and illegal alike. The second way, on the other hand, has been economic populism, which has fervently rejected the neoliberal “Washington Consensus” that prescribes so-called ‘free trade’ deals, deregulatory policies, and strategic incentives the way to kick-start economic growth. In the place of this consensus, which moves far beyond the Beltway and halls of corporate think-tanks, talk of protectionism…

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