Zizek on The Democracy of Objects

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slavoj_zizekCurrently I find myself reading Zizek’s latest,Disparities, and what he has written about my second book,The Democracy of Objects. I am not at all sure of where to begin, and whether I will respond in print at all. I do know that if I decide to respond, I would prefer something like a dialogue than pointing out the places where he’s just plain wrong in his portrayal of my thought (though some of that will be unavoidable), because I’ve been deeply influenced by his thought and have learned a great deal from him. I do confess a certain horror at being read by Zizek. There’s something about his thought that is like a great devouring machine that sucks everything out and spits it out. It’s a strange experience to have. Initially three things stand out to me.

First, Zizek effectively erases Graham Harman from OOO. The…

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